Friday, September 20, 2019

Answering Interview Q's: Why do you want to work with us?

How to answer the following interview questions:

❓Why do you want to work with us?

❓Why do you want to join our company? 

❓Why do you want to enter this particular career? 

❓How will you define your ideal company and job profile?

Purpose of asking these types of interview questions:

➕To test your awareness about the company, job profile & sector

➕Examine your motive behind opting to apply for their company

➕To check how close you consider your abilities & skills match the desired job profile

➕To see if you intend to be a long term player in the company

How to answer these type of questions?
👉Emphasize on the long term growth prospects of the company or the industry vertical the company is operating in as your reason for joining 

👉Briefly correlate how your skills and knowledge makes you the ideal person for the job profile 

👉Mention which positive attributes of the company attract you as one of the reasons for wanting to join it 

👉Your answer should also cover how the company's corporate goals and visions fit in with your own professional career aspirations

Prior research is essential

This answer needs careful thinking and background research to enable you to give an adequate answer. Prior to going for the interview, you should check upon the growth prospects of the company, its future plans and direction, the corporate goals and vision, the various aspects of the job responsibility, and the industry segment or vertical the company is operating in. 

Short term Vs Long term point of view
Giving short term, temporary reasons for joining a company or for entering into a particular career stream may put a question mark against your maturity level and soundness of your choice.

During the interview session for a major hotel chain, several students cited the good growth prospects in the hospitality industry due to the Commonwealth Games being held in the country as a reason for wanting to pursue a career in the hotel industry. This is an example of a short term point of view upon which to base a career decision on. The interviewer asked the candidates who gave this answer that what will happen after the Commonwealth Games – would there not be an overcapacity in the hospitality sector afterwards which may lead to a slump in occupancy and rentals? None of the candidates were able to give a satisfactory reply to this. 
So it’s better to focus on long term trends in the industry and not on short term temporary phasesAs such, you have to give solid, long term reasons for joining the company. 

Don't give superfluous reasons for wanting to join

Superfluous answers such as the company being a market leader, having a good product range or brand image, appealing advertising strategy, etc. will show that you have not given a deep thought to why you wish to join the company. These are temporary things which may change over time. 

You should emphasize on the core values, long term vision and corporate objectives of the company, which generally remain unchanged over time and through the ups and downs

Elaborate how your skills match the job profile and that your professional career goals can be best fulfilled while working for the company, and how the company offers you the best working environment to achieve your ambition.   

Make sure you do your homework  

During a campus interview session of an FMCG company, one candidate emphasized upon the company’s excellent work culture as his reason for wanting to join. While there was nothing wrong in that answer, a bit of in depth probing by the interviewers revealed chinks in the candidate’s knowledge of the work culture of the company. The student actually had no clue of the company’s work culture or HR policies. So, be careful what you say is  backed by concrete facts and knowledge. 


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