Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Professional Grooming Tips

Why Professional Grooming?

The packaging of a product is considered a crucial factor for its success in the market. When you go to a shopping mall to purchase something, the first thing that catches your attention is an attractively packaged product. The colour, design and picture on the packaging create an initial impression of the product in your mind, which may compel you to consider buying the product if other factors are suitable. Similar is the impact of your professionally groomed appearance on your potential employer. 

The first impression that you make on the interviewers is the most important one and the initial judgement an interviewer makes about you is based on how you look and whether you have taken care to dress in an appropriate manner, which shows your level of seriousness about the job. That is why it is always important to dress professionally for a job interview.

Your first impression should not just be good, but a great one. Your attire is the outward image that is projected by you to create an impact on others. An immaculately dressed candidate in a suit and tie will make a much better impression than a candidate dressed in scruffy jeans and a t-shirt or in a simple shirt and pant. It is not just sufficient to dress well, but you should also take care of your personal grooming.  A casual or a scruffy hairstyle with a formal business suit will spoil the whole impact you are trying to make.   ( be continued)


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