Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Cover Letter Tips

A covering letter along with your CV is absolutely essential in case you are applying directly for a job. A CV without a covering letter is like wearing trousers without a shirt. The covering letter gives you the opportunity to highlight your career objectives, your purpose for applying, and emphasize your skill sets in order to market yourself successfully as the ideal candidate for the job. Here are some essential points to be kept in mind while composing your cover letter:
Cover Letter essentials: 
1. Try to personalize the cover letter by inserting name/designation of the person you are applying to.
2. Mention your time of availability for a telephonic/personal interview.
3. Give specific reasons why you want to join the company based on research of the company and the job profile you have applied for.
4. Give specific job related skills and attitudes rather than generalized ones.
5. Cover letters can be both solicited and unsolicited. The opening format is different for each type.  
6. Don't make the employer work to read your letter. Keep it clear, concise and to the point.
7. If emailed put your covering letter in the body of the email and your CV as an attachment.
8. Do not go over one side of the A4 size sheet.
9. Spell-check and then double-check your spelling and grammar. 
10. Answer the question "Why should I bother to see you? Recruiters get hundreds of job applications. Your cover letter must stand out apart from others, and must be a close, if not ideal, match to the expectation level of the prospective employers.
11. Include your understanding of the job/knowledge of the company.  It shows you have done your research and are a serious candidate. 
12. Relate skill sets and work experience  relevant to the job profile
Here is a possible 4-para structure for a covering letter:
Para 1: Stating your purpose: (max. 2 lines)                           
State the job profile youre applying for in case of unsolicited applications. In case of solicited applications, mention where you found out about it refer to the advert insert and date.
Para 2: Introducing yourself & showing keen interest (max 4 lines)
Mention your current pursuit, why you're interested in that type of work, why this particular company attracts you & why you want to work there.
Para 3: Showing how you can be an asset to the organization (max. 4-5 lines) 
Highlight your strengths (knowledge, experience & skills) briefly and emphasize how they may be of an advantage to the organization. Make sure to relate your skills to the job.
Para 4: Prompting for action (max. 2-3 lines)
Mention the dates that you will be available for personal or telephonic interview and end off by thanking the employer and say you look forward to hearing from them soon.

For more tips, check out our uploaded video on YouTube.


  1. Really gr8 tips - can u plz expalin what's solicited & unsolicited cover letter?

    1. Hi Asha!

      Solicited cover letters are sent in response to job adverts published by organizations, while unsolicited ones are those sent even though the organization has not put out any job advert inviting application.

      I hope this answers your query

      Team Employzen

  2. Makes it easy to make cover letter with this format. Thanks

  3. Love the video - very detailed and informative

  4. Good format. Can we also see a sample cover letter?